Abandon the sinking Office 2003 ship by jumping on board an alternative office suite

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Date of Article:  2014-02-13   
Source of Article:  TechRepublic  
Another article on the upgrade options a user of Office 2003 has which includes the features and cost in its analysis.  April is getting close and I agree with the author that having access to
For those who use publisher I have made some limited use of Scribus but have done most of my desktop publishing using Word.  By the way, Scribus is available as both a standard installed application and as a PortableApp as is Libre Office.
I have used the Base database which comes with Libre Office and it is powerful but not as easy to use to develop applications as Access is.
I am not familiar with the Zimbra email app but intend to look into it.  I'm currently using Thunderbird and even if I migrated my email to Zimbra I would still have to  use Thunder for its RSS functionality.
Disclaimer:  I use Microsoft Office 2010, the latest versions of Libre & Open Office, and PortableApps.  I have no known financial interest in any of the companies that developed any of the products in the article.

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