This page will have links to information on various PC apps that can be used for self study or for recreational purposes.
    Use comments on this page to suggest additional application download/tutorial/education pages that can be added to its topics.

      Graphic Applications


        This program only runs on Windows.
        This is the website for one of the most useful graphic viewing/editing/conversion tools that I know of.
        Using plugins it has view/play support for most major graphic file formats as well as many audio & video formats.
        Conversion is only supported for conversion to certain graphic formats.
        A useful graphic editor is also included.

          GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program

            This is a very useful image editing application.
            GIMP runs on Windows, GNU Linux, Max OSX, SSun Open Solaris, and FreeBSD operating systems.
            Graphic Formats Supported:  TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PMG, PSD, TGA, BMP, XWD, XPM, PIX, CEL, MNG, PPM, PCX.

              Miscellaneous Applications


                "wikidPad is a Wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down."
                I use wikidPad for organizing information in several areas with a dedicated wiki for each area.
                wikidPad runs on Windows, Linux, & Max OSX.

                  Multimedia Applications

                  VLC Media Player

                    This player will play most versions of audio and video files as well as display many graphic file formats.
                    This application is open source.  It runs on Windows, Mac OSX, most flavors of Linux, most flavors of BSD, Solaris, Android, ios, & OS/2.
                    It is easy to use and provides a very consistent interface for all the file formats it supports.


                      If you are into audio file editing this is the program for you.
                      It runs on Windows, Linux, & Max OSX
                      Import and export WAV, AIFF, AU, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files.
                      Optionally import/export mp3, AC3, M4A/M4R (AAC), and WMA with additional libraries.
                      It has a very full featured editor.

                        Utility Applications

                        Secunia PSI

                          This program only runs on Windows.
                          This program functions like Windows Update for many non-Microsoft applications.
                          It is fairly easy to use and the free version for individuals is highly recommended.
                          I use it to keep my own PCs software up to date.

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