Mobile Threat Monday: Android App Sells Your WhatsApp Conversations

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Quiet a few of our members use smart phones, many of them Android phones  I've heard several of them comment on being careful to only get apps from Google's Store.  This article show that just because an app comes through a major store it doesn't mean that it is safe.
I know that in the PC world free game software has often been used to slip in Trojans which assist the bad guys in doing things like identity theft.  Looks like the same is true in the Android world and I suspect in several others too.
That is one reason that it is a good idea to have good security software installed.  Back in August ZDnet published a review of 30 Android security packages.  Here is a link to it.


What You Should Know About the 2014 Light Bulb Ban

This is not an area that I normally cover but I found the article informative about a lower tech situation that we will all be facing in the new year.Personally I converted most of the lighting in my home to compact fluorescent several years ago.  When I was living in the RV I used CFLs in lamps and mounted 20 watt fluorescent fixtures to provide adequate reading light while reducing the heat load on my A/C unit.  When I bought my place and screw-in bulbs began to burn out I replaced them with the CFL I was used to.  I do use halogen lamps for the outdoor lights at my front and back door since most CFL doesn't get along with rain or very low temperatures.
I expect that as their use becomes more pervasive the cost of LED based illumination will come down as has happened with other electronic devices.