Microsoft to patch Windows, Forefront this month

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Date of Article:  2014-02-06   
Source of Article:  ZDNet.  
Patch Tuesday for February is approaching and there will be patches.  As usual I will wait until the next Monday before running updates on my systems to allow potential problem patches to be discovered and reported.  If you have not run the updates from the January Patch Tuesday this is a good time to get it done brfore the new patches come out.  This will be one of the last Patch Tuesdays for users of Windows XP before support ends in April.



Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player

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Date of Article:  2014-02-04   
Source of Article:  Adobe.  
This security bulletin lists the available upgrade patches for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh to protect you from attacks that are actively being used on the Internet.  If your systerm is not up to date I highly recommend getting there.


Does security matter to you? Ditch Windows XP for one of these upgrade options

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Date of Article:  2014-02-05  
Source of Article:  TechRepublic.com.  
XP users have several options when it comes to upgrading from XP and from a security viewpoint they need to make a move.  This article examines some of the options and the advantages and costs of each.  It also mentions the main problem with staying with XP and depending on security software to protect you.



PSA: Missed Call From A Mystery Number? Be Careful.

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Date of Article:  2014-02-03 
Source of Article:  techcrunch.com. 
I have noticed from checking the call logger on my home phone that I have been getting many more call from numbers unknown to me lately.  I don't know if any of them were single ring calls or not since the logger does not log the number of rings but some of the things like identifying valid human on the other end calls could easily be multi-ring calls from unknown numbers.  I suspect things like this are one reason that more people are using answering machines to screen their incoming calls.
I have also had several calls from unknown numbers that when checked out using 800notes.com that were from numbers that have been reported to be scams or questionable telemarketing.  Since I have been on the National Do Not Call list I should not be receiving these but crooks tend to ignore the list.  When I do identify a number as a telemarketer I do file a complaint with the FTC which could result in a fine for them since their call(s) to my number are a violation of the law.
BTW certain political and charity organizations were exempted from this law, something that I view as a major mistake.  Also any business that you have done business with has the right to call your number.  The rules governing cell phone calls are even more complicated.