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Post your questions or comments as a comment to this or any other post.  Comments may remain invisible until accepted by a moderator. To post a comment you must have a Google account.  Otherwise you can email questions to "EMail Questions" and a moderator will post it if appropriate.

Note:  I will be using large text since many of our members are slightly visually challenged, myself included.  I recommend other posters do the same.

If a moderator elevates a comment to a post, the original author will be credited in the first line of the new post unless they request otherwise.  The original comment will then be deleted.

The following are always welcome:
  • Questions of a technical nature.
  • Links to articles on publicly available websites which answer questions
  • Links to tutorials on publicly available websites
The following are not welcome:
  • Links to pay sites
  • Quotes from pay sites
  • Links to sales or spam site
  • Negative comments on individuals  or organizations

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