15 tips for staying safe online and preventing identity theft

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Date of Article:  2014-03-11   
Source of Article:  ZDnet 
I find all of the advice in this article to be good.
I don't exactly do everything it recommends but in the exceptions I do something that is an equivalent.
IE I don't use a shredder, instead I burn paper containing sensitive data in an old smoker at my house.  When the burn is over I stir the ash to make sure there are no partially burned sheets remaining.  I started this practice shortly after moving in and my shredder failed.  I started the burning intending to get another shredder but found the burning to be effective so never got a new one.
My home wireless network uses an extremely long and complex WPA password which I only use for machines that I own.  For guests my router supports a special guest wireless network which uses a shorter password and guests do not have access to my main network or its clients.  This is a good feature to have if you have family and friends that you want to allow to use your internet access when they are visiting since it does not reveal your main network password.
When on public networks I never visit sites where my sensitive data could be exposed and I only use public netwotrks at locations that I am familiar with.
I never connect to the internet without my anti-virus and firewall programs up and running.

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