Microsoft issues final Windows XP, Office 2003 patches

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Date of Article:  2014-04-08
Source of Article:  ZDNet
Those still running XP or Office 2003 will want to get these patches and evaluate their options for the future.  Basically I see them as:
  1. Continue to run XP and make sure to keep good antivirus protection up to date.
  2. Select a Linux distribution and install it on your existing system if buying new hardware is not an option.  Some distributions provide a limited ability to run legacy Windows applications.  There is a bit of a learning curve but many open source programs that run on Windows are also available as Linux apps:  Open/Libre Office, Firefox, Chrome, and Thunderbird are good examples.
  3. Find a Windows 7 system and buy it.  If you still have the install disks or files many of the programs that you ran on XP can still run on Windows 7 and it has a very familiar interface. 
  4. Find a Windows 8.1 system and buy it.  If you do you might want to checkout Classic Shell which provides a very Windows 7 like start menu to W8 & 8.1.

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