Microsoft pulls the plug on Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP

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This article addresses a concern which may of my fellow seniors are facing since they still have XP based PCs.  I an lucky enough to have systems based on Windows 7 and 8.1 but I have talked to quite a few who still have XP.  I like the author's idea of having Microsoft continue to offer Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP on a subscription basis.  There are a lot of senior citizens who have XP based PCs who would prefer to keep what they have for the following reasons:
  1. They know how to use the PC they have and don't really want to have to learn how to use another operating system.
  2. Cost:  they are on a fixed income and buying a new system is not an option for them.
Offering these seniors a reasonably priced option for maintaining their systems security would win Microsoft a lot of good will both with the seniors and their friends and relatives.
To be open I do not currently use Microsoft Security Essentials on either of my systems so I am not personally affected by this decision on the part of Microsoft but I do have friends who are.

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